Islamic Sneaker Head Terrorist Gangs

Hugh Jaynis, Los Angeles, CA 


Whether it’s Donald Trump, Isis, or another mass shooting dominating the news coverage these days…destined for it’s 15 minutes is an alarming new terror group from places like Tampa, FL…Seattle, WA and Romulus, NY… where mask wearing Islamic gangs are a growing threat. The interesting thing that sets apart this Isis Sub-Set is their unique choice of head garments. “Sneaker Heads” or “Sheik’s in Sneaks” as they call themselves, creatively alter different pairs of Nike Air Jordan’s to create the most extraordinary war mask’s. Here are some examples.


Detectives in Seattle say they always travel in packs.


The women in the gang with broad shoulders will sometimes create their own feminine mask’s instead of the traditional Muslim hijab.


This mask is clearly a depiction of the devil with it’s evil horns. Proving the groups sinister intentions.


These masked Muslim maniacs roam the streets at night vandalising, raping and pillaging….for fresh kicks.


This warlock seen below is said to have been blessed with the gift of flight by the prophet Muhammed.


















The FBI put out a statement warning people not to go near one of them if you see them. Adding that the only hope for escape if attacked is to take off your shoes and run…hoping that the leather and laces of your stylish kicks will be enough to distract them.

They also worship certain insects and form their war mask’s to look like them.


Stay tuned to Eye Witness News for more details.





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