This page is comprised of stories from all around the world. By people from all around the world… here’s a word from a couple of our writers:


“This blog is solely for entertainment purposes and in no way should be taken seriously or relied on for facts of any kind. Most of the stories are fictional and have no journalistic value or integrity. Moreover, the people writing the articles are barely competent and have the tiniest of shriveled penis’s. That’s right so small that I once punched a baby out of pure jealous rage. Penis’s that are so weak and withered that they would turn to dust by the meer gaze of a woman’s eyes.”


“Thanks for stopping by the another random web page! Enjoy! #NaziMusicals”


“Hope you love our web log!! Have a lovely day!! Kisses ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Justine😆😁😀😮☺😊😀😁”


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